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Quick Guide to Buying Airline Miles:

Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Airline Miles:

1. Calculate Value: It is important for you to calculate the deal you are getting for your airline miles. Take the multiple of how much you are paying for each mile, then multiply it by the number of miles you are buying, and then compare this price to the cost of the overall ticket. Also make sure to include your initial cost of your original ticket purchase.

2. Expiration Dates: Make sure your points don’t expire! This is one of the biggest causes for loss of airline miles among consumers, in that they assume they can accumulate miles forever, when in reality many airline programs have expiration dates. So, in case you were planning on buying airline miles in order to combine with your existing miles (in order to buy a flight ticket), make sure your miles are still in your account!

3. Reward Credit Cards: This is a pro-tip for those who want to maximize their benefits when buying miles. If you buy airline miles, you should use a reward card, this way you can pad on even more benefits, in the form of bonus miles or credit card points (by the way, you can then sell credit card points after acquiring them).

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