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Online Mileage Broker & Credit Card Points Consultants:

The Points King has expertise in two primary areas: online mileage brokerage to sell airline miles in 2024, and credit card points selling and consulting. Read below to get a full idea of our range of services and how we can help serve you today:

Online Mileage Brokers

Everyone prefers a first class premium airplane ride over a 29 inch seat in economy, right? But no one wants to pay $10,000 for a 12 hour airplane ride either. Then how do so many medium income people fly first class? In come the online mileage brokers.

How do mileage brokers work?

This is a common question in the airline miles buying and selling business. The basic 5 step process below will you an idea on the definition of an online mileage broker:

  1. Travelers tell the mileage brokers what airline ticket they would like to buy and for how much.
  2. Mileage brokers return with a quote for how much the traveler must spend in order to accrue the correct amount of miles.
  3. If the traveler agrees to the terms, their account must be verified.
  4. Then the traveler pays the discounted cost of the miles, and the mileage broker sends the newly acquired airline miles into the travelers account.
  5. The traveler uses his points to acquire an expensive airline ticket from the miles transferred to them via the online mileage broker.

Mileage broker tickets

Another common question in this industry is can a traveler simply buy a first class ticket from a mileage broker? (Instead of going through the miles transfer process). The answer is yes, in a slightly roundabout way. Once a traveler’s account is verified, he or she simply buys the miles from a mileage broker, receives the miles, and can then immediately buy the first class ticket they are seeking.

Best miles brokers

There are a plethora of online mileage brokers available for services. Obviously, it is important for each customer to do their own research before deciding on an online mileage broker. We at The Points King are a vetted and trusted service, and would be happy to consult and serve you. Please check out our Yelp reviews to hear what other customers have said about our service.

Is miles buying legal?

This is another common question that people ask of online mileage brokers. The answer is yes, it is legal according to the law. However, there are indeed airlines which prohibit selling airline miles. This is not a common issue, however, as the majority of our customers are simply buying airline miles, so the risk of selling miles is taken on by the mileage brokers such as The Points King.

Credit Card Point Consultants

The credit card point industry is quite vast, with tons of new credit card offers and reward programs being offered on a constant basis. As such, many credit card holders have massive amounts of reward points piling up, and are looking to offload them. We offer the option to buy your credit card points at great rates. Fill out a form to get an instant quote.

Credit Card Point Redemption Process

  1. The credit card owner informs the broker how many points they have or desire
  2. The credit card broker verifies the points and gives a quote
  3. The credit card owner then completes the process, and sells the points in return for cash

Our Miles & Points Brokerage Transfer Process:

1. Fill Out a Form:

  • The Points King is happy to handle all of your credit card points and airlines miles requests. This includes buying your extra airline miles, selling you extra airline miles (perhaps you’d like to fly first class?), as well as buying your extra credit card points, or selling you credit card points.

2. Receive an Instant Quote:

  • The Points King has exclusive technology in our form which allows us to present an instant quote for your airline miles or credit card points request. Try it for yourself!

3. Collect Miles, Points, or Cash:

  • If you accept our instant offer, we will then simply verify your credit card points, airline miles, and Paypal account, and viola, you will receive your cash or points/miles depending on your transaction.

We are Fast. We are Secure.

The Points King prides itself on speed and safety. We complete transactions in under 30 minutes, using only verified methods while offering 100% buyer protection. We have years of miles broker experience under our belt and ensure prompt communication from our staff as well as a safe and straight forward method.

That’s because The Points King has a dedicated customer support staff and proven knowledge in the miles and points selling business. Read our customer reviews, and get in touch today!

The most popular mileage broker transactions from our extensive and broad user base of frequent flyers, which gives out the most cash to our customers are those who want to sell Amex points and sell Delta Skymiles. However, we deal with over 25+ airlines, so fill out a form to inquire about other miles and points.

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Why Use The Points King?

The Points King is a team of 3 employees, serving customers as an online mileage broker service and credit card point consultant. We have about 15 years of combined mileage broker experience as well as credit card point buying and selling. We are always happy to speak to customers directly, and can refer you to many satisfied customers. You can trust The Points King for any transaction: we only do business with verified customers, thereby ensuring the safety and security of any airline miles or points transaction.

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