Is The Points King Safe to Use?

If this is your first time buying or selling airline miles or credit card points, we understand that you might be hesitant or skeptical of the process. That is why The Points King puts great emphasis on customer communication: we are more than happy to walk you through the process on the phone or via email to ensure that you feel comfortable.

Additionally, The Points King is one of the few online miles brokers to guarantee full payment upfront, thereby removing the risk from the buyer. As long as your miles or points are accurate, then our business deal will work out smoothly and satisfactorily for both parties.

The Points King is proud to have many satisfied customers who have bought and sold points and miles with us. Below you can see links to all of our reviews on Google and Facebook:

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Jason: (5 stars) I honestly didn’t know you could sell your extra airline miles.I had over 6 digits worth of Krisflyer miles on my account but had no real use of them. My buddy recommended that I try a miles broker,so I found the points king and filled out a form – viola I got a decent cash offer for my miles.Will definitely use this service again

Celia: (5 stars) I had about 200,000 Amex points just sitting in my account, so I looked for a broker to buy them. I randomly found The Points King through Google search, and filled out a form. I got a great cash offer and in about 20 minutes I was able to transfer the points in return for cash. THANK YOU to The Points King for taking my Amex reward points off my hands and giving me cash in return !

Charles: (5 stars) I was looking for a secure miles broker and found the points king on google. This was my first time but i felt the process was secure (i even called them up and they walked me through the process). Will definitely use next time, once i rack up some more citi points ?

Larry: (5 stars) Was a great pleasure working w/ the points king! I had 50k delta skymiles that i just sold – the whole process was fast and easy – top notch communication. Will be a repeat!!!

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Alberta: (5 stars) Top notch service ! I’ve used different miles brokers before but the points king was perfectly fast, secure, and profitable $$$. I’ve used em more than once, most recently for my extra delta skymiles for which I got a good deal for. A+++

Donna: (5 stars) Thank you to The Points King for great service. I had a bunch of Avios miles to get rid of (after flying back and forth to London), and I filled out a form on this websites to see what kind of offer I would get. The Points King gave me competitive offer, and the whole miles for cash transfer process took about 30 minutes. Big fan of this service.

Rayburn:(5 stars) Super fast quote turnaround and the process felt secure. Good job, very pleasant customer support – will definitely 100% use again. !!!!

Chaim: (5 stars) Top notch service. I checked a few websites for the best offer, but I went with the points king because they helped walk me through the process with my airline account and paypal. Also i like how they pay cash upfront whereas other brokers pay in installments. This is probably the safest broker I’ve used, and will definitely use again.

The Points King

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