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  • You can sell us the following credit card reward points: Amex, Marriot, Citi, SPG, Southwest
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Process for Selling Credit Card Points in 2024

The process for selling points in 2024 is straightforward:

1. Fill Out a Form: On every page on our site you will see a form for selling your credit card rewards points. Simply fill out the form with your basic information, along with the name of the points program, how many points you want to sell, as well as any additional comments or questions you have – we are happy to answer and consult on any points questions you may have.

2. Receive an Instant Quote: The moment you fill out a form, we will respond with a quote based on the name of the points reward program and quantity of points you want to sell.

3. Collect Miles, Points, or Cash: Once you accept our instant offer, we then need to verify your credit card points to ensure the safety and security of the transaction. Once this is done, we can transfer the points and then send you cash immediately, via secure Paypal transaction.

Why Sell Your Points?

The reason for selling credit card points is simply because most credit card rewards programs do not offer cash redemption processes. Many credit card owners accrue millions of points but end up losing much of the value due to points expiring or being exchanged for a gift card which they don’t need.

Things to Consider Before Selling Points:

  1. Calculate Value: It is important for you to calculate the deal you are getting for your credit card points. It is possible that you can extract more value from your credit card points program via gift cards at a higher rate per point. Make sure to calculate this before completing a point selling transaction. The Points King offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry.
  2. Security: Unfortunately there are many dishonest point brokers in this industry, and it is imperative to use a credit card point broker who you can trust. The Points King is proud to have served many happy customers for a long time, with some of our employees having worked in this industry for over 10 years. We are happy to show you many positive reviews from our history of selling credit card points to satisfied customers.
  3. Speed: Though we try to complete transactions within minutes, it may be possible for there to be a few hours of downtime, depending on whether it is a holiday or a server upgrade. However, we can guarantee that from the moment we verify your credit card points we can then send you your cash in under 30 minutes via secure PayPal transaction.

What Points Can You Sell?

The Points King is currently dealing with 5 credit card company points, and will buy points if you are looking to sell your extra points, and can accommodate the following transactions:

  • Sell Amex Points – American Express Membership Reward points can accumulate fast, and they offer 20% bonus points after 20 or more purchases. (Click here to sell Amex Centurion Black Card points).
  • Sell Marriot Reward Points – Marriot Reward points can be accumulated by staying in any Marriot hotel worldwide, including the Ritz Carlton.
  • Sell CITI Thank You Points – The CITI Thank You Premier card requires a $95 yearly fee but is a good deal as it offers 3 points for all travel expenses including gas stations.
  • Sell SPG Points – Starwood Preferred Guest membership points can be accrued similar to the Marriot model – click the link to see which hotels will give you SPG points.
  • Sell Southwest Points – Southwest offers 3 tiers, and offer varying amounts of Southwest points based on the number of flight tickets you purchase from them.
  • Sell Wells Fargo Points Wells Fargo offers points users a 10% reward bonus each year, which means a lot of Wells Fargo Go Far reward point accumulation.
  • Sell Hilton Honors Points – The status levels of Hilton Honors points range from Blue to Diamond, with hotel stays allowing for tons of Hilton points to accrue.
  • Sell Hyatt Points – Hyatt offers a wide range of membership levels, with the higher levels earning a ton of Hyatt points which can be redeemed via hotel stays.

History of Point Selling

Believe it or not, credit card owners have been selling their points via online brokers since 2004, with the most popular credit card points program being Amex – selling Amex points is easily the most processed point transaction that we have seen for years.

  • Check out this chart from Google Trends which shows historical interest in ‘sell points’ since 2004:

  •  And here you can see that it is 100% dominated by US citizens in terms of who is looking to sell points:

If you have credit card points that you’d like to sell then get in touch with us today!

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