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Understanding The American Express Centurion Black Card Point System

Before we explain how to sell Amex Centurion Black Card points for cash, we want to explain a bit of background about the mythical Centurion Black Card. Below are the facts about the Amex Black Card or the Centurion Card and how you can acquire one and what else they can give you. Scroll down to the end to learn how to sell your Centurion Black Card points.

Can anyone own an American Express Black Card?

So yes, it is possible. But there is a catch. There isn’t any application online or elsewhere that you need to fill as the Black Card is available only through invitation. Also, there aren’t any official requirements. However, based on the experience of those that already got an invite, the bare minimum is to:

  • Possess other American Express cards
  • To have an American Express card for at least one year.
  • Spend at least $250.000 per year (there are some speculations that the number might be as high as half a million)

And even then, there is no guarantee that you will get the invite. Just one big maybe.

American Express Black Card Points fees (if you get the invite)

In case you are one of the few chosen, and you decide to proceed with the application, there is a hefty application fee you need to be aware of. Of course, on top of it, there is an annual fee to be considered as well.

  • application/initiation fee ranging from $5000 to $7500
  • Yearly fee – $2000

Sounds unreal, but the privilege for an owning Amex Black Card will cost you well over $5000. But maybe you will find some comfort in the fact you won’t be charged with any foreign transaction fees when shopping abroad.

If this shocks you, welcome to the club of the 99% of all people. What you can do instead is focus on building up your credit responsibly using the more “reasonable” credit cards out there.

The meaning of Amex Black Card APR

The Amex Black Card, aka the Centurion card, cannot be mistaken for a credit card. What that means is you need to cover the full balance every month.

However, if we go through the centurion cardholders’ agreement, some users can call upon the “Pay Over Time” feature. That can be especially handy when you are on a spending spree that surpasses $250K per year.

The benefits of using an Amex Black Card

Let’s say that the legend lives up to the hype.

Ask around, and you will be blown away by the crazy stories that surround the Amex Centurion and its services. For instance, there is one about an Amex employee who went on a motorcycle trip across a dozen countries to the shores of the Dead Sea. And for what? Well, believe it or not, to retrieve some sand from the Dead Sea. Don’t ask about the why? Well if you must, it was for a cardholder’s kid that was making a school project and needed some sand from the Dead Sea.

Aside sand from the Dead Sea, a centurion card offers:

Amex Membership Rewards Points

For every dollar you spend, you will be given one point and an extra 1.5 points for spendings that exceed $5000. The owner, if it can be considered one, is that there is a limit to the number of points you can accumulate. It’s set at one million. You can use the points for booking flights or hotel stays.

24/7, Around The Year – Personal Concierge Program

Need backstage access to a U2 concert? How about a table at Nobu? Front row seats at the NBA playoffs?

Your word is their command, and no request is unreasonable. These guys will move heaven and earth to please you. Or you can decide not to behave like a spoiled brat and make more reasonable requests such as notifications for birthdays and anniversaries.

Elite Hotel Status

How about automatic elite hotel status with Hilton Hotels, IHG, St, Regis, Peninsula Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Belmond, and so on. That translated into the royal treatment, perks like upgrades, late check-outs, and free internet.

Complimentary Auto Rental Elite Status

Renting a car with the Amex black car means getting:

  • Primary insurance for the rented vehicle
  • Automatic elite status with Avis or Hertz
  • Complimentary roadside assistance (free jump-starting and towing)

And if that is not enough, you will get access to a luxury car rental. The type of car rental service that offers Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, and Ferrari. You can even rent a formula one racing car.

Platinum Medallion Status with Delta

You get this status by default which translates to priority check-in and boarding and a bunch of complimentary upgrades.

Additional Travel Perks

There is always something more with the Amex Black Card. The list is still growing. So, don’t think that we got all covered.

  • Free access to all centurion lounges. They are considered the best in the world offering high-end food, drinks, and even spa treatments and massages.
  • Free in-flight internet with Gogo and Boingo Wi-Fi access.
  • A personal guide to speed up your customs and immigration process when traveling abroad with first class.
  • $200 travel credit
  • Free access to hundreds of airport lounges countrywide.
  • Complimentary shoprunner membership.

No Limit To How Much You Can Spend

This is the most known perk and probably the one behind centurion’s legendary status. Want to buy that Ferrari F60? No sweat, $2.5 million with one swipe of this bad boy will do the job. Of course, you better have the money as the next month you will need to pay it in full.

What about a second Amex Black Card?

Once upon a time, it was possible for up to 99 users to have access to such an account. Those days are over. Nowadays, there can be only two authorized users of one Amex black credit card account.

The MasterCard Black Card vs. The Amex Centurion

The thing is that the MasterCard Black Card is much easier to be obtained. But is not even close to the cult status the Amex black credit card centurion has. Yes, it comes with a significantly lower annual fee, 1.5% cashback, and few high-end travel benefits. But that’s it. There isn’t much value to justify the $495 yearly fee.

What’s the procedure for selling Amex Black Card Centurion points in 2024?

1.You may sell any quantity of Centurion Points.

2. Select Amex Points and specify in the notes section that you are selling Centurion points and tell us how many points you wish to sell.

3.You will receive a quote with the amount of money we offer.

4.We will contact you in order to verify the amount of points you own.

5.After approving the sale, we will send you the money.

Sell your Amex Black Card Centurion points today!

How much are my Centurion points worth?

Centurion point rates are constantly changing – Please fill out a form for an exact quote.

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