Lufthansa Airlines Vs Austrian Airlines

Both of these airlines have been around since the 1950s. Lufthansa is about 4 years older, but the experience difference is really minor. In terms of destinations, Lufthansa has the upper hand. With this company, you’ll be able to choose between 221 destinations.

With Austrian, you’re limited to just 117 destinations. The fleet size for Austrian Airlines is much smaller as well. Austrian accepts carry-on baggage that is slightly bigger, but the difference isn’t anything to write home about. Austrian is better in one specific area and that is on-time performance. Flyers who need to make sure that they arrive on time will definitely want to lean towards this airline. Of course, Lufthansa does a pretty good job here too. Here is a quick breakdown of Lufthansa Airlines Vs Austrian Airlines:


At the end of the day, you have a destination in mind. You do not want to be required to go elsewhere because your airline of choice doesn’t offer that destination. This is one of the reasons to choose Lufthansa. After all, the company offers far more destinations. They can deliver you to 221 destinations. Austrian only serves 117 destinations. You’ll need to look at a list of the destinations before you determine which company is going to be best for you.

Star Alliance

The good news is that both airlines have decided to join the Star Alliance. This is definitely a good thing for consumers. If you fly on either airline frequently, it is imperative to sign up for the loyalty program. It’ll pay off dividends in the long run and enable you to get all kinds of free rewards in the future. Lufthansa joined the alliance in 1997. Austrian became a member in 2000. This alliance partnership makes it easier to sell miles.


You’ll also need to understand that the two airlines are actually brothers. Both happen to be a member of the Lufthansa Group. This is important, because this group is responsible for operating both airlines. Therefore, they’re really one in the same. The biggest difference is that Austrian has run into multiple financial problems over the years. Lufthansa has done a better job of managing its money and keeping customers satisfied. Therefore, they are a notch above the competition here.

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