Lufthansa Airlines Vs Delta Airlines

Should you fly Delta or Lufthansa Airlines? This is a tough question that many people will ask themselves at some point or another. Delta, which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, is the much older airlines. This should mean that they have more experience and can deliver a better experience. Sadly, that isn’t always the case. Most travelers who have dealt with both companies will agree that Lufthansa does a far better job in terms of customer service.

Delta has 247 destinations, while Lufthansa only offers 221. Therefore, you might be forced to go with Delta if you’re traveling to a specific location. Lufthansa’s fleet size it actually bigger though. Here’s the rest of our breakdown of Lufthansa Airlines Vs Delta Airlines:

History of Lufthansa & Delta

In 2012, Delta had a better on-time performance. Lufthansa has improved some over the years. Still, if you’re in a hurry and need to make sure that you arrive on time, you’ll probably want to book your flight with Delta. They’ll most likely make sure that you get there on time. One thing to note is that Delta has a bigger name and a better reputation than Lufthansa.

Most people have heard of Delta Air Lines. Not everyone has heard of Lufthansa. Therefore, you might be taking a little bit of a gamble when you decide to go with Lufthansa. Nevertheless, they’re most likely going to satisfy in the end.

Airline Loyalty Programs

Another thing to note is that the loyalty programs are much different. In general, Delta’s loyalty program is much more generous. If you’re going to be using the same airline over and over again, you’ll definitely want to stick with Delta. It is also true that Delta is better in terms of seat comfort.

If you hop on a Lufthansa plane, there is a good chance that you’re going to be uncomfortable halfway through the flight. Both airlines are similar in many categories though. In-flight entertainment, flight delays, and carry-on luggage requirements are pretty much the same.

Really, it has to find a winner here. Both airlines are great for many different reasons. If you’re willing to pay more, go with Delta. Otherwise, you should save yourself some money and fly with Lufthansa.

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