Should I Buy Airline Miles on Craigslist?

Before we get into whether you should buy airline miles on Craigslist, let’s scale back for a minute and explain why people want to accumulate miles.

Many travel lovers would like to earn a silver travel status with the airlines of their choice. This is a good thing especially when you travel a lot. Yes, when you become a repeat traveler of a certain caliber, your airline may choose to reward you with a lot offers like discounts on travels, free vocational trips and of course, you receive some VIP treatment while on board.

To add some icing on the cake, you earn redeemable bonus points for every mile you travel. This is what has been infamously referred to as the Airline Miles that no passenger would leave the airlines terminal without at least ensuring that every single point has been successfully deposited to his/her account. But what could be the real reason for this endless desire to have a bunch of Airline miles? And why would people even think about entering Craigslist for such an endeavor?

Should you buy airline miles?

Well, you can use airline miles wisely and benefit in a huge way. Its benefits are not just limited to getting free vocational travel or traveling in first class and having the greatest air experience. You could also redeem your points for cash. As a result, people usually buy airline miles from brokers and airline agencies. Those who have purchased airline miles for a key benefit agrees with me for their thirst for more miles.

Most of you have been searching eBay and Craigslist for airline miles. But should a customer buy airline miles? This is a question a prudent customer must ask before purchasing miles. Why? Of course, the first thing to note is that a mile is a depreciating commodity which you don’t buy to keep there in your account. It will lose value rendering it useless, as time flies.

Imperatively, buying miles does not earn you excellent financial status. It is just waste of your hard-earned resources. Nonetheless, many reasons could compel a customer to purchase airline miles.

Wise and knowledgeable customers buy airline miles if they plan to use them. They do not want to gamble away their money for travel with a commodity that is highly volatile and loses value at every leap of a second.

But if they have some miles, they would want to buy other miles to top up the existing miles so that they earn a particular reward from the airline. Additionally, when the airline ticket to a specific destination is expensive, and the miles are highly priced, you can choose to top up and claim your first class or business class ticket with your miles. This will make your trip relatively cheaper.

Where do I buy Miles? Craiglist? eBay? Forums?

Selling miles is a growing business opportunity. Both genuine and dubious sellers are on the watch for gullible customers who runs down to the Craigslist to purchase airline miles. Obviously, miles adverts from the Craigslist are enticing and encouraging people to buy miles, but all that glitters is not gold.

Can you buy miles on Craigslist?

This brings us to answering the question, “Can you buy miles from Craigslist?” I would not lie to you, run to the nearest airlines office or their authorized broker and grab yourself miles if you must. Why?

I bet you know that it’s not worth buying miles if you have no intention of using them immediately. But if you must, as compelling reasons may dictate, remember that airline miles are redeemable currencies with stringent rules and regulations attached to them. The airlines label their travel miles as no for sale commodities; you can only redeem them against a ticket. What if you buy them and they realize that you bought them on Craigslist and not their authorized brokers?

I do not doubt that they will swipe clean your account of your every mile. As a result, all your airline mile privileges will be swept down the drain, as you watch helplessly.

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