3 Best Sell Airline Miles Promotions

3 Best Sell Airline Miles Promotions

The past year has revealed that the airline and hotel industry is hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. As flights are still not operating at full capacity around the world, many airlines are looking for ways to raise ridership. This is the moment to take advantage of airline miles promotions. Airlines are now selling points at a discounted price.

If you’re preparing to travel this year, buying miles at discounted prices will save you money.

Here are the 3 best deals to take advantage of right now!


Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan (Valid until May 22, 2021)

Alaska Airlines is offering one of the best deals if you’re looking to buy points. Their miles promotion offers customers a 60% bonus with purchase.

When you purchase at least 39,000 points, the cost is 1.85 cents per mile plus you get up to 60% bonus points with your purchase. The current value of a point is 1.8 cents, so this is a great way to top up points and save toward an expensive flight.

Alaska’s mileage plan miles promotion is targeted at loyal customers looking to buy points in bulk.

If you use the points to book premium airlines like Japan Airlines or Cathay Pacific, the low purchase rate makes this an excellent deal. Buying 50,000 points costs less than $1000, and you can book a business class flight from the United States to Asia.

Etihad Guest Bonus Points (up to 40%)

Etihad Guest is selling miles with an additional bonus of up to 40%. This is a great deal if you plan on purchasing in bulk.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Buy 6000-20,000 points and get 10% bonus
  • Buy 21,000-60,000 points and get 20% bonus
  • Buy 61,000-100,000 points and get 40% bonus

The cost per mile is 1.43 cents, which is lower than many other airline promotions.

The promotion is available when you purchase a maximum of 100,000 miles per year. It is advantageous because you can transfer Amex, Capitol One, and Citi points to the program.

American Airlines AAdvantage (40% discount)

One of the best deals you can find is the American AAdvantage points sale with a 40% discount.

AAdvantage points are usually valued at over 0.03 cents per point but with their 40% discount, you can buy points for as low as 1.93 cents per point. This is a great deal if you’re looking to top up your points. Now is the time to buy in bulk because you’re nearly doubling the number of points you purchase.

Hurry, the promotion ends at the end of April, but check back because American Airlines offers frequent discounts for their loyalty points program.

If you don’t want to travel this year, you can sell airline miles and make cash.

Aren’t sure when to actually buy points?

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