Can I trade my airline miles?

Can I trade my airline miles?

It is possible to trade airline miles for various other services and rewards, such as hotel bookings, car rentals, and gift cards.

While airlines forbid the barter or trade of airline miles, there are still plenty of opportunities to trade your miles and points. First of all, it is NOT illegal to sell airline miles in the United States, it is considered a violation of the loyalty program’s terms and conditions.

If you don’t want to sell miles for cash, you can trade them for hotel stays, car rentals, and more!

Can I trade airline miles for hotel bookings?

Of course, you can use airline miles for hotel bookings at participating partner hotels. Airline miles programs encourage customers to redeem their points for hotel bookings.

The airlines allow you to transfer the airline miles to hotel rewards programs through which you can book stays at their participating partner hotels.

Chase Sapphire, for example, lets you transfer loyalty points directly to a partner hotel’s rewards program and you can book from there.

Can I trade airline miles for gift cards?

Yes, there are certain websites such as that allow people to trade their airline and hotel miles for gift cards. Exchanging points for gift cards is a good idea if you know you want to buy specific merchandise and you have unused points or the points are close to their expiration date.

Some airline miles programs like United’s Mileage Plus allow customers to redeem points for gift cards. For as little as 670 miles, you can claim a $25 gift card. There are over 100 retailers to choose from.

Can I trade airline miles for someone else?

Most frequent flyer programs allow users to transfer Airmiles points between accounts. However, the trading is limited. United, for example, only allows users to transfer a maximum of 15k points per year. As well, they charge a fee of 1.5 cents per mile plus a total service fee of $30+.

Can I trade airline miles for Robux?  

Robux is a currency in the game called Roblox. Many people are trying to trade airline miles for Robux because they just don’t find the airline miles useful right now. With Robux, you can buy things in the game but also merchandise like hats and shirts.

Unfortunately, you can’t trade airline miles for Robux as of right now.

Can I trade airline miles for Smartpoints?

Smartpoints are a great way to book flights and hotel stays. You can use the Smartpoints to redeem flights on airlines such as Air Asia and stay at participating Tune Hotels.

However, you can’t turn your airline miles from other programs into Smartpoints. You must collect smartpoints from their official credit cards.

Can I trade airline miles for car rental?

If you’re an American Express Rewards member you can trade your airline miles for a car rental through the Pay with Points service. But don’t worry other loyalty programs let you trade miles for free car rentals too.

American Airlines partners with the major car rental companies and you need around 1000 AAdvantage points to redeem one car rental.

Delta, Hawaiian, Southwest, United, and other airlines offer this type of transfer. You can redeem points for car rentals across the United States.

The good news is that you can also use your cash back credit card miles and book car rentals. Simply use the cashback as the payment for your rental.

Can I trade airline miles for a charity donation? 

If you’re feeling generous and want to help charities, the good news is that you can trade airline miles for charitable donations. The majority of airlines let you donate your miles and points to their partner charities such as the American Red Cross, Make-a-Wish, and more.

You can usually make the transfer from your frequent flyer account where you’ll see a list of partner charities and nonprofits.

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