Can you sell airline miles for Bitcoin?

Can you sell airline miles for Bitcoin?

Selling airline miles for cash is a popular way to gain monetary value from unused points. When you sell miles for cash, you can then use the money to buy things you need if you don’t plan on traveling anytime soon. But it’s not just cash that you can sell for, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as an alternative to cash.

Many loyalty point holders are wondering the following:

Can I buy or sell miles for cryptocurrencies?

The good news is that yes, you can sell airline miles for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. To turn your miles into cryptocurrencies you must use miles brokers who also offer this type of transfer and exchange.

Upcoming apps and websites will soon make it possible to turn your miles into digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency, so stay tuned!

Airlines and cryptocurrency

Airlines are starting to offer cryptocurrency bonuses when you sign up for their loyalty points cards. For example, the Emirates Skywards program lets you earn 1 CBM (Crypto Bonus Mile) for every mile you fly. Lufthansa also has a similar rewards program. That can only mean one thing: cryptocurrencies are making their way into the airline rewards program and that’s good news if you’re trading crypto!

Trading miles for Bitcoin

There is no legal restriction when it comes to selling air miles for cryptocurrencies, although this field is not regulated. It is easy to fall victim to hackers if you don’t use an air miles brokerage service. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, and you can sell miles using Bitcoin for Miles or other brokers.

Apps like BitMiles allow you to trade unused air miles and points for Bitcoin. It can be a great way to offload those miles you know you’re never going to use. Think of it like investing unused miles into cryptocurrency. The value can grow depending on the market and you can end up making way more currency than the real value of those miles.

How much bitcoin can you get for one mile?

It depends on Bitcoin’s current value. Apps like BitMiles are based on multisig 2 of 3 Bitcoin wallets. They then match the buy and sell offers and act as arbitrators. To get a quote on the miles to Bitcoin value, you have to contact brokers.

Of course, as with all trading, there is a risk involved because the value of cryptocurrencies is constantly changing.

Can you sell miles and points for BNB Coin?

BNB coin is a token. It is used for trading cryptocurrencies as well as paying the fees on the Binance exchange. But, as of right now, there is no program through which you can sell your unused miles and points for Binance.

However, the value of BNB coins has risen considerably in recent times, so you can expect more airline companies to start offering cryptocurrency as part of their reward program.

Can you sell miles for XRP Coin?

XRP coin is mostly aimed at mainstream financial institutions. This Ripple coin is fairly popular but at this moment, you can’t sell your airline points and miles for XRP coin.

You can use Ripple coin to shop from thousands of vendors, but who knows, maybe they will start accepting airline miles exchanges one day.

Trading airline miles for cryptocurrency is coming soon

There’s great news for those looking to trade airline miles into various types of cryptocurrency. Apps like BAKKT will soon offer airline miles trading services. Therefore, you’ll be able to turn your airline loyalty points and the rewards from airline credit cards into cryptocurrency stored In your virtual wallet.

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