Lufthansa Airlines Vs Emirates

When comparing Lufthansa Airlines and Emirates, you will quickly discover that the former is much bigger. It is estimated that the company has more than 280 aircrafts. Emirates has roughly 221 aircrafts. Both airlines are great, but each excels in a few specific areas. For instance, Emirates tends to be a much better job catering to the passenger’s age and religion.

If dietary restrictions are going to be an issue for you, it is best to stick with Emirates. They’ll work harder to satisfy your needs in this particular category. Those who are going to be traveling in the economy section will probably want to stick with Lufthansa. They tend to offer more space. Also, you can sell Lufthansa Miles easily.

Here are a few more details regarding the very popular Lufthansa Airlines Vs Emirates debate:

Comfort of Lufthansa Against Emirates

With Emirates, there is a good chance that you’re going to feel cramped. Another difference is the first class seating. With Emirates, the enclosed suites are slightly small. However, they’re gorgeous and include doors. It is really tough to be Emirates when it comes to first class seating. Lufthansa wins in the economy section, but Emirates might be better in the first-class section. If you’re willing to spend a little more and you want to fly first-class, you’ll definitely want to stick with Emirate. This is not going to be wise for everyone, but it might be a good choice for you. Also, it is easy to sell Emirates miles.

Affordability of Lufthansa

If you’re looking to save yourself a little bit of money, Lufthansa is definitely the way to do. While Emirates has its main hub in Dubai, it offers flights to destinations across six continents. If you’re going to be traveling to the Middle East, there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to be required to use Emirates. This isn’t a problem. After all, the company offers excellent customer service and the prices are pretty reasonable. Again, you have to be careful with the lower tier packages though.

Unless you’re going to be flying first-class, you’ll want to stay away from Emirates.  So, which airline is the best? It depends on a handful of factors. For instance, you have to consider your budget, destination and other things. Depending on these things, either airline could be considered the winner, but Lufthansa seems to check off more categories.

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