Lufthansa Airlines Vs Etihad Airways

Etihad is a much newer airline than Lufthansa. It was founded in 2003 whereas Lufthansa has been around since 1953. This can make a big difference. After all, the experience ultimately gives Lufthansa the upper hand.

Nevertheless, Etihad does plenty of things right. The airline has a smaller fleet of just 66 and they only offer flights to 82 destinations. This enables them to provide a more personalized experience to the customer. Many airlines are attempting to juggle too much at once. This isn’t an issue with Etihad, but it might become a problem when they attempt to expand in the future.

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On-Time Rating Pretty Equal

If you need to make sure that you’re going to arrive on time, you’ll be happy to know that both companies do a good job in this category. In 2012, Etihad has an on-time performance of 79% compared to Lufthansa’s 80%. Lufthansa has a heavier carry on weight limit though. This is something to consider if you intend to take a lot of items with you on the plane.

The truth of the matter is that the on-time ratings for both are pretty similar. You really cannot lose with either of them. Just remember there is a chance you’re going to be late when using either airline. If you are on a strict schedule and need to be on time, you might want to choose a different airline.

Experience of Lufthansa Over Etihad

The truth of the matter is that experience means a great deal. You’re going to be taking a bigger risk when you choose a new airline. Therefore, you might be better off going with a company that has more experience. This is why a lot of people are going to choose Lufthansa. The company is much older. They’ve had more time to refine their operations. They also offer far more destinations.

Which To Choose – Lufthansa or Etihad?

Which one should you choose? If you’re going to be carrying a heavier luggage, Etihad is really the way to go. Otherwise, you should choose Lufthansa. Lufthansa is older and much more likely to deliver a better experience. Just remember that you’ll need to lighten the load on your check-in baggage or it might not be accepted.

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