Lufthansa Airlines vs. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways and Lufthansa Airlines are one of the most reputable airlines in the world. In the last decade or so they were regularly ranked as one of the best ones or best in separate categories. Here we will make a head to head comparison so you won’t need. Also, you can sell your extra Lufthansa miles here.

Which airline offers better deals? Lufthansa or Qatar?

At the moment Qatar runs 19 active promo deals, while Lufthansa only nine. However, that’s seasonal, and very often it is Lufthansa that has more deals than Qatar.

Product and service features

  • Checking Bags For Free – This is available with both companies.
  • In-flight Wi-Fi – Offered to all flights with both companies.
  • In-flight meal services – Offered with both services. However, Qatar has the upper hand on this one. Their in-flight meals often are regarded as the best in the airline industry. They even have received several awards for it.
  • Power outlets in the aircraft for the passengers – That’s available on every Qatar flight. That’s not the case with Lufthansa. Power outlets are available only on selected flights.
  • In-flight entertainment – Yes, that’s available with both airliners.
  • Canceling policies – There is no cancelation fee with Lufthansa, while there is with Qatar Airways. No information on the amount you need to pay if you cancel your Qatar flight.

Website features

  • Website Security – Both websites seem much secured and incorporate top encryption. Therefore, their client’s data are well secured.
  • Mobile Versions – Both websites are optimized for mobile usage. No information for Android or iOS apps.

Pet policy

Both companies allow pets on their flights. However, each has its specific regulations and requirements. To that end, it is for the best to go through them before booking a flight.

Airline partners

Both companies have partnered with a network of their own. And with both, you can transfer miles from their partner’s airlines. The list of partners they have in their network can be found within their official websites.

Final words

The simple truth is that there aren’t any huge differences between the two airlines. There are only tiny details that separate them. Therefore, it’s hard to say which one has the edge over the other. The user reviews online are also quite solid for both companies. If it’s down to those companies than go for the one that offers the best rates. Other than that you can’t go wrong with either of them.

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