Can I Use Reward Points for: Miles, Tickets, Car Rental, Kindle, Donate

Everyone is not interested in using mileage points on the air travel tickets. But of course, if it comes their way, they would feel glad to accept them. Perhaps they will exchange their accumulated mileage points to use at the year-end for some gift they can choose from the airline’s catalog.

On the contrary, most of the frequent airline travelers are enthusiastic about their mileage points. They don’t miss out on any discounts or upgrades. They try to maintain their travel records and ensure that the mileage accrued remains updated in their account.

From miles to points

Drawing cues from airlines, many consumer marketing companies have now started to offer reward points to the customers so that they can use their services. This is known as customer relationship management. From supermarket to credit card where you buy groceries, you keep earning reward points all the time. Some of the people have the habit of looking for and gathering reward points all the time.

But is it worth accumulating as many reward points as possible? Needless to say, you can exchange them for buying things that you wish to purchase. Besides using the reward points to pay for a transaction balance in a supermarket or at the restaurant, a lot of instances of utilizing them is coming to light.

Buy airline tickets with reward points

You can buy airline tickets to a destination of your choice for yourself or even for your family members. Additionally, instead of traveling on third class or business class, you can use your reward points to travel on first class, which is done by buying or selling miles via an online mileage broker. Booking first class travel ticket is cheaper when you exchange reward points for it. Of course, you will be required to pay some amount in cash. Unless you are a frequent flyer, then you get discounts.

Exchanging reward points for miles

Additionally, you may have to confirm with the airline if they accept reward points for miles. Airline miles are conventionally earned by traveling on the flight. You get miles for the number of miles you have traveled and not for what you plan to travel. Other ways include buying miles through cash or the airline’s broker.

If you exchange your rewards points for miles through a broker and it violates the airline’s policy, the airline may confiscate your account.

Can you use reward points for: Car Rental, Kindle, Taxis

The other usages of reward points include payments for services like car hire (if you want to make a car donation, click here to donate your car to charity) and buying books or gifts from amazon kindle. For taxi payment, you may need to look for a taxi driver who wishes to be paid in points and transfer the equivalent of points to the service you have enjoyed.

For Amazon Kindle books, you can use reward points to pay for an order on Points are convenient and easy to use to pay part or whole of the transactions. Choose the number of points you wish to redeem and select the payment method to apply. Straightforward enough.

Rewards points can be exciting to use. This is why people consider it easier to gather mileage reward points than going after cash rewards. Nevertheless, cash is king! You can sell this points to someone and earn some money in return as well.

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