Sell airline miles vouchers

Sell airline miles vouchers: a guide

When your flight is canceled or you’re bumped off a flight, airlines will issue a voucher that has a specific monetary value. With this voucher, you can then book a new flight. But what happens when you can no longer travel and don’t want to book another flight? Are you looking for a guide on how to sell airline miles vouchers?

Why sell airline vouchers?

Many people have vouchers that are about to expire but they have no upcoming travel plans. Sometimes, you just can’t find the time to make new plans. Or, life gets in the way and you have to stay home.

Does the voucher go to waste along with the money or points you spend to buy the original flight?

Luckily, the answer is no. There is a way to sell airline vouchers. Here’s a short guide to help you.

Secondary marketplaces

Just a quick heads up, some airlines have a no-transfer voucher policy, and selling the voucher may result in the voucher becoming void. However, it’s not all bad news.

There are secondary marketplace platforms like TransferTravel and SpareFare that allow you to sell your airline tickets, hotel reservations, vacation packages, and even airline vouchers.

If you can no longer travel, sell the travel vouchers you got from the airline on these secondary marketplaces. The websites will help you request ticket name changes and offer a comprehensive guide of what you can and cannot sell and how to make those name and data changes through participating airline companies.

How does it work?

The way that sites like SpareFare work is that you list your voucher and then people can bid money and purchase your vouchers.

The website takes a commission on all sales, similar to eBay. A secondary marketplace is an intermediary between the buyer and seller, helping both sides get a good deal.

A bidding system ensures that you (the seller) get a fair price for your travel voucher. It is your obligation to list the value of the voucher.

Step by step guide

  1. The seller lists the voucher and a price they’re willing to accept.
  2. The buyers can start bidding for the voucher.
  3. The sellers have the option to accept or to reject a bid.
  4. Once the highest bid is accepted the websites help the seller change the passenger names but only after the buyer’s payment is received.
  5. The buyer must confirm the changes were made and the booking information is correct.
  6. The seller then receives the money after the transaction is complete and the buyer gets on the flight.

Not looking to sell vouchers? You can sell airline miles instead.

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