Is it worth it to buy hotel points?

Is it worth it to buy hotel points?

There are moments when buying hotel points can be worth it, especially if there is a way to buy them during a promotion. In most cases, buying hotel points is not the best value. Purchasing points is usually more expensive than the real value of the points when it comes to redemptions.

When to purchase hotel points

If you’re a few hundred or a thousand points away from making a much-needed reservation, topping off your account can be worth it. When it comes to purchasing hotel points for a high-value trip, there is some good news.

Frequent flyer programs may offer limited-time promos where clients can buy points from them for a decreased price. Alternatively, bonus points are offered if clients share their points and transfer them to other accounts. 

The points purchase price is low compared to the high cash price of the reservation 

There are instances when you can get a good deal when purchasing hotel points. Hotels like Hilton Honors charge upwards of $100 per night. If you find a promotion where you can buy points at a discount it may be worthwhile. The cash rate for most hotels is usually significantly higher than the cost of purchasing discounted points. Consider the dates too, which can significantly raise the cost of a reservation.

Low and mid-tier hotels are tricky to figure out because the price is usually lower. But, the location can actually significantly raise the price. So, if you need to make a quick reservation and you don’t have enough points, it might be cheaper to buy points than pay a high sum for a mediocre hotel.

For example, if you plan on staying at a Park Inn, you can be charged $200 per night. But, if you use hotel points it costs only about 9000 points. Buying those 9000 posts during a promotion only costs less than $65 dollars, so you’re saving $135 per night!

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Cash and points events

Some hotels offer a cash and points option. This means you can pay for a reservation in a combination of cash and miles.

Such offers allow the client to purchase the points at a much lower rate than buying them without cash and points offers. Unfortunately, not all air miles partner hotels offer this buying option. But, Carlson, Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and SPG give the client some flexibility when it comes to dates and you can then use the cash and points option to pay. Buying the points for a specific trip is worthwhile in such cases.

If you’re not planning on booking a hotel reservation in the near future, it might be better to sell miles for cash.

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