7 Tips to Save Money on Airfare

How to pay less for your flight with 7 easy tips:

Next time you are on a plane, ask the person sitting next to you how much did they pay for their ticket. You will be surprised to see that they might have paid way less or far more than you, and the difference is due to many factors that some people are not usually aware of.

Of course, you will always want to be the one who pays less for the flight, and you can ensure yourself to be paying as little as possible by following these 7 hints, which are the result of tried and true experience from many travelers:

  1. Book your flights with enough time ahead:

All tickets are going to be pricier if they are booked on a date closer to departure, but booking too early does not guarantee a lower price, either. Be sure to check prices from 90 to 45 days before take-off, because it is during this window where the most economical fares come up.

  1. Fly preferably during low-traffic dates:

All fares are going to be higher during school brakes and holidays because of the increased demand. Flying in March, April, July, August or December will be pricier and also way more crowded. Instead, prefer to book your flights in May, June, October and November, for lower fares and a more pleasant journey. And for even cheaper fares, schedule your traveling off-season: in January, February and September.

  1. Pick the best weekday for hopping on the plane:

Business travelers usually get around on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, while leisure travelers get away mostly at the weekend start and end, as in Fridays and Sundays. By flying on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays you will pay less because of the decreased demand that happen on these particular weekdays.

  1. Follow budget flying websites:

If you are flexible concerning the date and the route of your flight, you can find amazing deals by following websites that specialize in scouting the web for tickets on sale or with errors in pricing. Visit Airfare Watchdog, Thrifty Traveler and Secret Flying, use their searching features, and also follow them on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, so you will get updated on the hot deals of the day. If you see a good deal, take it at once or it will disappear soon.

  1. Be liberal when booking a great flight deal:

The moment you spot an excellent ticket price during your searches you should book it right away, and this for two reasons: First, that price is going to disappear very soon and it’s better to grab it immediately. Second, if you are using a site that has a 24-hour free cancellation policy, you may just book the flight, thus securing the fare price, and then go on searching to compare with other prices, and finally you may cancel the others and keep the best one.

  1. Get to know average flight prices:

You will be able to spot a good deal after you have explored the available pricing on comparison search engines such as Google Flights, Kayak and Skyscanner. By choosing calendar view you can readily see a spreadsheet with all the ticket prices over a span of time, and there you will be able to spot low prices at a glance.

  1. If the airfare drops after you pay, ask for a refund:

Many airlines have a policy of reimbursing the passengers who notify them that a fare went down after they paid it. Usually they will give you vouchers on the amount of the difference paid, and some of them may also charge you a small fee for the rebate. Every airline has its own policies regarding this situation, so check their website to know how they will handle it.

With some patience and dedication, you will be rewarded with the most pleasant, affordable and satisfactory trips of your life. And remember that even more important than saving money is to enjoy yourself and to have a good time on the journey. Happy traveling!

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