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How To Donate Airline Miles

Did you know that you can really do a lot of good with your airline miles? Most people that are constantly traveling save their miles and never even end up using them. Some people will use their miles for free tickets or upgrades.

That being said if you are looking to do some good, you should consider donating your miles to a worthy cause. There are a number of different charities that you can donate to and most major airlines partner with these charities to put these miles to work.

Choosing A Cause to Donate Extra Miles

If you are looking to donate your miles there are a number of ways that you can do so. First, you will probably want to check with your airline provider. For instance, Delta Air Lines offers a Skywish Miles program. This initiative will connect frequent flyers with 15 different nonprofit organizations.

Such organizations serve ill or wounded service members and veterans that are undergoing medical treatment. All you have to do is access the Skywish Miles website and they will list all the causes that you can donate to. Once you find the cause that you want to donate to it is just as simple as logging into your account and gifting the charity your miles.

Donating To A Cause Not Supported By The Airliner

If the airliner does not offer a charity that you are fond of, you can still donate your miles to a charity of your choosing. However, the process of the donation will become a bit more complicated since miles cannot be transferred for free.

What you will have to do is turn your miles into an award ticket. For instance, you would contact the charity, get the name of an individual that you want to donate to, and turn your miles into a reward ticket in the name of that individual.

Additionally, there are other charities that you can donate miles to such as Make a Wish. And if you sold your miles and want to donate cash, you can sell to children charities such as UNICEF or others.

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