How To Buy Airline Miles From Someone

All airline will offer some type of frequent flyer rewards system. And, these systems are a great way to take advantage of travel luxuries and save money. With these points, you can travel first-class or business much cheaper than you would normally be able to. If you have enough miles, you might even be able to cover the entire purchase of your ticket.

However, it can be a real hassle when you are short on miles. Of course, you can buy miles from airlines, but they will try to take advantage when you don’t have enough miles by hiking up the prices as much as 3.5 cents per mile. They might even limit the number of miles that you can purchase. This is why you should consider eliminating the airliner altogether and buy your miles from an individual.

Finding Individuals Selling Miles

The very first thing you have to do is find someone that is willing to sell their miles. You might be surprised to learn that there are actually tons of people willing to part with their miles.

In fact, there are tons of websites online that will connect you with these individuals. You can also access classified websites and look for people selling their miles. Just remember that you want to do thorough research on the individual or website that you are buying miles from because not all of them are legit.

Buying The Miles

Buying the miles basically works just like any other transaction. When you are buying from individuals, you will just pay them the money and they will then gift the points to your account.

When you buy from a website or sell miles, you will probably have to create an account, but other than that the process is pretty much the same. You specify the number of points that you want, they quote you a price, you pay that price, and they will then gift said points into your account.

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