Why KrisFlyer Is Considered One of Australia’s Best Frequent Flyer Programs?

KrisFlyer Is Considered One of Australia’s Most Lucrative Frequent Flyer Programs

KrisFlyer is a frequent flyer program associated with Singapore Airlines and is created with the sole purpose to reward its travelers. What’s so incredibly convenient about KrisFlyer is that you can earn points even without flying. And of course, if you have extra Krisflyer miles, you can sell Krisflyer miles for cash with The Points King.

Many would ask if that is even possible. Well, the thing is that you don’t get to do anything out of the ordinary. No extra efforts that need focus. Here is a comprehensive guide on how the program works and how to make the most of it.

The KrisFlyer frequent flyer program features three types of membership:

  • KrisFlyer
  • KrisFlyer Elite Silver
  • KrisFlyer Elite Gold

Each membership brings something else to the table, access to bigger rewards and perks that you will enjoy. Here is a detailed look at each membership, how to get there and what comes with it.


Once you have successfully signed up for the program, you need to get your digital KrisFlyer membership card through the SingaporeAir mobile app. To begin adding KrisFlyer points, you need to use your given membership number every time you make a booking or a purchase with some of the non-airline partners.

Fly and Earn

The most important thing to remember about this membership is that it is designed to reward your loyalty before everything else. So, the more time you spend flying with Singapore Airlines, Star Alliance, SilkAir, and well over 30 other world class airlines, the merrier your KrisFlyer account will be.

Earn Even When Not Flying

The program accounts for more than 200 non-airline partners. Every dime you spend with them adds up to your miles as same as with flying. You can book a hotel room, purchase with your credit card, or even make a phone call from wherever you might be. Everything will eventually show up on your account as earned points.

Buy and Earn

Every purchase made at KrisFlyer Spree earns you extra KrisFlyer miles and gives you access to over 2,000 top brands worldwide. Plus, for every $1 you spend online and in the air, you get to earn 1.5 KrisFlyer miles. On top of it, with your membership card, you are entitled to Boarding pass privileges throughout one year.

KrisFlyer Elite Silver

KrisFlyer Elite Silver is also about the same mantra, which is loyalty. To qualify for it, you need to earn 25.000 miles. Then you will enjoy a new set of perks like priority treatment, 25% more KrisFlyer miles without making any extra effort, and so on. Once you are on the KrisFlyer Elite Silver train, your membership will last for 12 months.

If you earn another 25,000 miles during that period, you are entitled to another year of Silver membership. However, if you are on a hot streak and earn 50,000 miles, you better prepare for the stratosphere as you will be flying high with the KrisFlyer Elite Gold membership.

KrisFlyer Elite Gold

As we have all experienced at some point, airports can be heaven or hell. The KrisFlyer Elite Gold membership makes sure you always end up on the bliss side of the airport. This means that you avoid the usual airport bustle and instead you are directly headed to the lounge.

There are well over 1,000 airport lounges across the globe, and your KrisFlyer Elite Gold is your golden ticket that gets you in every one of them. All together with baggage handling, boarding, and priority check-in. Then there is this little thing called Check-in baggage allowance.

As mentioned earlier you need to earn 50,000 miles to qualify for KrisFlyer Elite Gold. The moment you hit that number, you are automatically upgraded. Same as the other memberships, it is valid for 12 months. And yes, if you are on a good run and you earn additional 50,000 miles, you get another 12 months of incredible perks.

Good to Know Facts about Elite Miles

Know that every time you fly with Singapore Airlines, Vistara, Virgin Australia, SilkAir, Virgin Atlantic, selected Star Alliance Connecting Partner airlines, or any Star Alliances airline, you are also entitled to Elite miles, which in facts are there to push you toward Elite Silver or Gold status.

How many Elite miles you earn can vary and is dependent on various factors such as the booking class and the airliner. For example, if you book G class on SilkAir or Singapore Airlines, don’t count on earning miles as there won’t be any. So, it’s advisable to first check this stuff online before making the actual booking. That is if you are interested in hoarding your miles fast and efficiently.

In addition to that, it’s useful to have in mind that promotional bonuses and tier bonuses are not counted as Elite miles. No Elite miles will be earned in case you are on a flight that is on a non-mileage fare or if you don’t credit your miles to your KrisFlyer membership account.

How to Join KrisFlyer?

Joining the KrisFlyer frequent flyer program is a simple process that will take only a few minutes from your time, and unlike other programs, it is open to any nationality in the world. All you need is a passport, and you can consider yourself as qualified. The registration process is through the official website and is relatively easy, and you can choose from the available 50+ languages. So far millions have taken advantage of this program.

Customer Support

Their customer support is one of the reasons why this frequent flyer program is so well rated and regarded as one of the best. They are centered on their client’s needs and address any issues quickly and efficiently.


To say that the KrisFlyer program is always there for its most loyal members is an understatement. They are always bringing new features and making sure that all their members enjoy the perks they offer. So, if you are a frequent flyer, there is no reason why not give it a shot and see firsthand what’s the all fuss about it.

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