What Happens To Airline Miles When Someone Dies

When you are experiencing the loss of a loved one the furthest thing from your mind is frequent flyer miles. But these miles can actually become a substantial asset.

This is especially true if the deceased individual was a frequent flyer – you could sell miles for a lot of cash. Such accrued miles could potentially be worth hundreds of dollars or maybe even more in services and goods. This is why it is more important than ever to claim these miles as soon as you can.

Can Points Be Claimed?

Most people will usually make out a will when they know their time is near. However, there are some individuals that just die unexpectedly. When this happens and they don’t have a will things can get complicated.

Most airline providers and credit card companies want you to think that you are not allowed to inherit points or miles, but this is not the case at all. The credit card company or airliner might own their points, but your loved one earned these assets and you are legally allowed to claim them.

Transferring the Points from the Deceased

You will find that each airliner out there is different in the way that it handles points and rewards. In fact, with many airline providers, you will find that there actually isn’t any official written policy when it comes to inheriting flyer miles. However, with a death certificate, you should be able to claim the miles of your deceased loved one. Some airlines might charge a fee to transfer the miles while others will not.

American Airlines

If you look at American Airlines official policy they say that they do not allow the transfer of points after death. However, there is a loophole to this. If you contact their offices they will request a death certificate and an affidavit. When these documents are provided they will go ahead and transfer the miles.

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