What Is The Average Value Of Airline Miles?

Most people that fly frequently know about airline miles. In fact, they probably take advantage of them all the time. Airline miles and points are unique because they not only can be used to purchase tickets, but they can be used for a number of unique activities. That being said most flyers probably have never […]

donate airline miles

How To Donate Airline Miles

Did you know that you can really do a lot of good with your airline miles? Most people that are constantly traveling save their miles and never even end up using them. Some people will use their miles for free tickets or upgrades. That being said if you are looking to do some good, you […]

How To Buy Airline Miles From Someone

All airline will offer some type of frequent flyer rewards system. And, these systems are a great way to take advantage of travel luxuries and save money. With these points, you can travel first-class or business much cheaper than you would normally be able to. If you have enough miles, you might even be able […]