Lufthansa Airlines Vs Etihad Airways

Etihad is a much newer airline than Lufthansa. It was founded in 2003 whereas Lufthansa has been around since 1953. This can make a big difference. After all, the experience ultimately gives Lufthansa the upper hand. Nevertheless, Etihad does plenty of things right. The airline has a smaller fleet of just 66 and they only […]

Lufthansa Airlines Vs Emirates

When comparing Lufthansa Airlines and Emirates, you will quickly discover that the former is much bigger. It is estimated that the company has more than 280 aircrafts. Emirates has roughly 221 aircrafts. Both airlines are great, but each excels in a few specific areas. For instance, Emirates tends to be a much better job catering […]

Lufthansa Airlines Vs EasyJet

Lufthansa Airlines Vs EasyJet is a common argument. If you’re attempting to choose between EasyJet and Lufthansa, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. You just need to find out what you want and go from there. First and foremost, you should consider the prices. In general, EasyJet is going to be cheaper. This might seem […]

Lufthansa Airlines Vs British Airways

Lufthansa Airlines and British Airways are definitely two of the best airlines in the world. Still, they’re not equal.  One of the worst things about British Airways is the communication. From time to time, the company will get its signals mixed and they may end up canceling your flight a day in advance. The company […]

Lufthansa Airlines Vs Austrian Airlines

Both of these airlines have been around since the 1950s. Lufthansa is about 4 years older, but the experience difference is really minor. In terms of destinations, Lufthansa has the upper hand. With this company, you’ll be able to choose between 221 destinations. With Austrian, you’re limited to just 117 destinations. The fleet size for […]

When To Use Airline Miles

If you are a frequent flyer there is a good chance that you have accrued a lot of airline miles which you can sell for cash. Maybe you have taken advantage of these miles at some point or maybe you are just hanging on to them because you don’t really know when the most effective […]

What Is The Average Value Of Airline Miles?

Most people that fly frequently know about airline miles. In fact, they probably take advantage of them all the time. Airline miles and points are unique because they not only can be used to purchase tickets, but they can be used for a number of unique activities. That being said most flyers probably have never […]